Vittima: Naftor and Grupa Pern (Naftoport/ SIARKOPOL/ SARMATIA/ NAFTOSERWIS) is the most dangerous

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Descrizione: WARNING! COOPERATION WITH NAFTOR AND GRUPA PERN MAY RESULT IN THE LEAKAGE OF YOUR DATA. THESE COMPANIES DO NOT COMPLY WITH THE LAWS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION AND IN PARTICULAR THE GDPR. YOU MAY INCUR LEGAL AND FINANCIAL RISKS BY WORKING WITH THEM! WE RECOMMEND ALL CLIENTS AND PARTNERS OF GRUPA PERN TO URGENTLY TERMINATE THEIR CONTRACTS AS ALL CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS WILL BE MADE PUBLIC IN THE NEAR FUTURE. THE COMPANY'S VULNERABILITIES HAVE ALREADY BEEN USED TO PENETRATE THE NETWORKS OF PARTNERS AND CLIENTS. ANY CONTACTS WITH THESE ORGANIZATIONS CAN DESTROY YOUR BUSINESS! About Naftor Sp. z o.o. is a PERN S.A. Group company operating in the broadly defined area of security prepared to carry out projects in the field of physical security and technical protection of objects of particular importance for the economic interest of the state as well as conducting specialized training and special projects for government institutions and selected commercial entities. ul. Wał Miedzeszyński 630 03-994 Warszawa tel./fax 22 487 57 87

Hash di rilevamento: 42a8122d74b28c24e55c2c135f0e098c7b7317ed7b28061e2388e07877ef4241
Vittima localizzata in: Poland
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Settore lavorativo: Human Services


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