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Descrizione: The Center for Human Capital Innovation (CHCI) advises government organizations on "best practices" and "next practices" in strategic human capital management. Our overall mission is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of federal government operations through systematic improvements in Human Capital Management practices. CHCI serves as a trusted advisor, think-tank, thought leader, educator, analyst and coach dedicated to advancing the science of talent management for organizations in the government sector. The aim of CHCI is to improve the Return on People throughout government. Our mission is to provide government leaders with valuable assessment tools, deployment advice, sound Human Capital Management analyses, as well as innovative insight related to integrated talent strategy, acquisition, development, engagement, management and evaluation. Years of research and collaboration has equipped CHCI with an extensive database of substantiated methods and ideas from a field of the brightest thought leaders in talent management. Those insights, coupled with our deep and comprehensive understanding of strategic human capital management, result in measurable, real-world strategies that help client organizations attract and retain high-performing people, build a diverse and inclusive workplace, and leverage individual and team performance throughout the enterprise.

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