Vittima: Ronglian Group

ID: 16265 rilevato il 10-07-2024 11:06:07 dal gruppo ransomhouse
Descrizione: One of the leaders of China digital revolution, helping customers for digital business transformation. Providing global and local expertise on technology and industry to the world wide nterprise customers. Offering IT products, solutions and services to multiple industries and fields for more than 20 years. Supporting China life science research industry since 2005 and developed to healthcare industry. Listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange with stock code 002642.

Hash di rilevamento: bf626f2179f39d8234e1950bf13d79eca73c6f3740c192b150f4a5cd94b5688f
Vittima localizzata in: China
Sito web: www.ronglian.com
Settore lavorativo: Services

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