Vittima: Aces Electronic Co Ltd

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Descrizione: Aces Electronic Co., Ltd. Specializes in connectors for consumer products including NB, mobile phones and digital cameras, ACES has a complete product line and specifications, solid R&D technology and professionalism, all in one shot from injection molding, stamping to finished goods. HQ: Taoyuan, Taiwan location: USA, Japan, Singapore, Beijing, Chongqing, Germany products: Fine Pitch, high precision connectors for computers, communications and other equipment all data base CRM from server T1CRMDB T1CRM02 data base BPM DB server from T1BPMDB data base from T1BI001 many documents + project from file server T1FS002 and T1FS003. and etc. a lot of files. +files from admins PCs. u can download tree files proof it's parts of your files

Hash di rilevamento: cf8b485ff4893430fc61e19f67c7d80f48a41c7a74a2e015a176cb9eb7d842a5
Vittima localizzata in: Taiwan

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Settore lavorativo: Technologies

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