Vittima: Graceworks Lutheran Services

ID: 6605 rilevato il 23-03-2023 04:35:08 dal gruppo royal
Descrizione: Founded in 1929, Graceworks Lutheran Services is a lutheran social services organization that operates assisted living facilities. Do not be surprised that the company is engaged in charity - it's just a front. Maybe they are involved in money laundering - who knows...We have at our disposal the contents of all email addresses of the top management, full financial audits from 1995 to the present, 45GB or 486,880 Files of personal patients information (clinical) and even documents related to President Biden - very entertaining. Beside this, we have finance, employee documents, accounting, HR and much more others.Enjoy!

Hash di rilevamento: dadcea07ab8e16be56c6bb2f3f7c4a6c210f9ad409939b9190fbd18f68a18036
Vittima localizzata in: USA
Sito web:
Settore lavorativo: Human Services

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