ID: 6767 rilevato il 29-03-2023 13:35:55 dal gruppo karakurt

Descrizione: We're happy to present you a brilliant 4TB stolen from a microfinance institution. We have 2,861,839 SSNs in total. Beside this, we hold other high value databases - for example, a gigantic database with 3 million lines, which contains information about the status of the loan, addresses, last names, phone numbers, mails, and even the characteristics of the debtor - very entertaining reading. Moreover, we have finance, clients data, accounting data, legal data, CRM backups, fully dumped VIP users mailboxes and more. If the company representatives will continue acting non-negotiable, these data will be put up for auction. Stay tuned. You will definitely enjoy it!

Hash di rilevamento: fff09b87aad7bcfc7500a56753718bd358cb96294dd4fd35f546043d0b4abb28
Vittima localizzata in: USA

Sito web: N/D

Settore lavorativo: Finance

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