Vittima: Big Ass Fans

ID: 6980 rilevato il 10-04-2023 15:08:41 dal gruppo royal

Descrizione: Big Ass Fans is a fans, light and controls manufacturer for different business directions. These guys have nothing against holding their employees personal information almost open-sourced. They've lost 246 gygabytes of data interested for its details. Tons of accounting and finance information, projects, contracts, payment docs, employees' salaries, passports, medical insurance policies, phones, emails - everything you want.

Hash di rilevamento: f0b3cd93971f00b1ecd3c5d538cb6dd8ffc527b7081fc96cf462f4c2520e5f43
Vittima localizzata in: USA

Sito web:

Settore lavorativo: Manufacturing

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