Vittima: Stanley Electric U.S.

ID: 6988 rilevato il 10-04-2023 21:06:59 dal gruppo royal

Descrizione: Stanley Electric US is a manufacturer of motorcycle and automotive lighting equipment for Honda and Nissan. This real big fish is going to lose it's internal data of a great size - more than 2TBs. We have not only interesting details about their cooperation with big business names like JP Morgan, Nissan, Honda and others, but also their employees' personal information: thousands of SSNs, passports, medical information, vaccination information. And there are more: incidents, violations, confidential info, tons of contracts and so on and so forth.Priceless data for you soon.

Hash di rilevamento: 23637117b0c88fdbc2c6cafd4e01172878d546876628e843d4233eec8fa60f63
Vittima localizzata in: USA

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Settore lavorativo: Automotive

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