Vittima: Moon Capital

rilevato il 17-04-2023 01:17:03 dal gruppo royal

Descrizione: Moon Capital Management is a company that specializes in global investment management solutions. While searching for a global solution they forgot to invest in their own cybersecurity. As a result we have almost 2TBs of their corporate and personal data: confidential finance and accounting data, reports etc. Employee information, medical insurance and other docs (even tests), passports, drivers licenses, interesting violations, salaries, securities and many other data.We are ready to share it with you! Stay in touch.

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Settore lavorativo: Business Services

Questo script colleziona ogni rivendicazione criminale esattamente come esposta dalle fonti (modello "As Is"), in un database MySQL per creare un feed permanente, che può anche essere seguito con tecnologia RSS.
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