Vittima: Pharm-Pacc Corporation

ID: 7062 rilevato il 17-04-2023 15:08:10 dal gruppo karakurt

Descrizione: Pharm-Pacc Corporation is a provider of Managed Recovery Services to hundreds of hospitals throughout the United States. As it usually turns out, the services are not managed enough and personal information of US citizens can soon be on public. 40GB of corporate and clients/patients' data will be free to download soon. You can find there patients' passport information, med tests results, prescriptions, diagnosis and other pretty detailed information. Accounting, finance, insurance docs of a great quantity present too. Stay in touch!

Hash di rilevamento: 4ef63280901f01eaa337d046e52541977c7fd29800bc5233c3c0974b341a2d97
Vittima localizzata in: USA

Sito web: N/D

Settore lavorativo: Healthcare research

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