Vittima: Classic Stripes Pvt and Astarc Group was hacked. A huge amount of confidential data has be

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Descrizione: Who is Classic Stripes Pvt Leaders in providing integrated Surface Augmentation solutions. Classic Stripes (CS) is a flagship company of Astarc Group, offering Surface Augmentation Solutions to Automotive, Consumer Durables & Appliances industries across the globe for over 30 years. CS has 3 states of the art manufacturing facilities within India, having certifications such as IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001: 2015, BS OHSAS 18001: 2007, VDA (Verband der Automobilindudtrie). All services from design development to manufacturing are done under one roof. CS continues to invest in next generation technologies and products for its customers. Classic Stripes product portfolio includes: - OEM Decals - Printed Electronics (Thin, Flexible sensing & illumination solutions, touch interfaces) - Flexible 3D Badging - Domed Badging - Automotive Instrument Cluster 2D & 3D Dials - Fascia for Consumer Durable Industry - Digital Branding Solutions Headquarters: 193 194 & 210 Nalasopara Road Village-Pelhar Taluka-vasai, Dist.-Palghar;, Maharashtra, 401208, India Phone Number: +91 2506631500 Website: Revenue: $119.6M Linkedin: Facebook: *************************** Who is Astarc Group In 1987, Astarc Group was founded. It began as a manufacturer of automotive graphics in India. Today, Astarc Group is a diversified group with businesses focused on Printing & Imaging Solutions, Infrastructure, Automobile & Electronic Solutions, Dairy & Agriculture, early stage investments and a lot more. These businesses are spread across the world with core focus in India, Africa, Middle East and US. Our Group is driven by innovation and technology and is committed to achieving leadership and excellence in each of its businesses. Over the last 30 years the group has built a reputation for integrity, dynamism and sustainable growth. Headquarters: Astarc House 76-79 Makwana Ln Takpada off Andheri Kurla Rd Marol Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Phone Number: +91 2266793500 Website: Revenue: $5.2M Linkedin: Facebook: Twitter:

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9848 - Classic Stripes Pvt and Astarc Group was hacked A huge amount of confidential data has bee

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