Vittima: Groupe ACTIVA was hacked. The most unreliable insurance company in the world has once agai

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Descrizione: Who is Groupe ACTIVA Created in 1998 by Africans, the ACTIVA Group was born from the desire to build a company operating in an Africa without borders, in compliance with international standards. In about twenty years, our group has become one of the leaders in insurance in Sub-Saharan Africa. We offer a full range of life and non-life insurance products and serve our clients according to the values that make up our identity. We position ourselves as a leader in innovation in our various markets. Over the next three years, our ambition is to consolidate our organic growth while remaining open to potential opportunities. Headquarters: Rue Prince De Galles, Douala, 12970, Cameroon Phone Number: +237 233501300 Website: CEO at Groupe ACTIVA: Richard Lowe Linkedin: Facebook:

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9841 - Groupe ACTIVA was hacked The most unreliable insurance company in the world has once again

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