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Descrizione: Our aim at Quorum is to deliver integrated solutions that make day-to-day operations simple so dealerships can thrive. We want teams to be able to do more. Connect with more customers, retain more customers, sell more cars, and ultimately drive more revenue through the dealership. To do this, we've modernized the dealership experience. We offer digital retail solutions that make the customer experience straightforward and stress-free. With a Quorum solution, communications are fast and clear, opportunities are clearly visible, insights are readily available, and operations are optimized for success. With deep roots in the automotive industry, we understand what dealers want from a DMS—exceptional service, experienced support, and innovative products that effectively respond to their needs. We have close and collaborative relationships with our customers and we take great pride in the fact that dealerships across North America consider us partners, trusting us to provide them with the solutions and support they need.

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