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Descrizione: A Premier Phoenix Law Firm Since 1970 Founders Frank Haze Burch and Dan Cracchiolo were known for being hometown heroes for business law in Phoenix when they joined forces to open Burch & Cracchiolo 52 years ago. Since then, they have expanded the practice to a team of 50+ esteemed law professionals, who all carry on the traditional values our firm was founded on, while embracing innovation and looking forward to the future. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, B&C serves corporate, governmental and individual clients throughout the Southwest and across the country. Over the course of 52 years in business, our team has developed a deep knowledge of law in Arizona and a respected reputation for being problem solvers at heart. Now with offices for business law in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Orange County, B&C has expanded our footprint to serve the entire Southwest region. Our firm is also a member of Primerus, an international law firm alliance, which allows us to provide our clients with leading-edge service, technology and resources.

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