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Descrizione: TORMAX Quality for Demanding Customers TORMAX installed Europe’s first automatic door in 1951. Today a leading manufacturer of automatic door systems worldwide with 25 Group companies and 500+ distributors. TORMAX automatic door systems are found in office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, department stores, airports and train stations, on ships and in apartment buildings – in short, in hundreds of thousands of buildings around the world. TORMAX is a division of the LANDERT Group, a privately owned Group of companies, characterised by innovation, quality and genuine entrepreneurship. The LANDERT Group was founded in 1924 with its headquarters in Bulach near Zurich, Switzerland, and employs over 1000 staff members across its two divisions SERVAX (customised electric drives) and TORMAX (automatic door systems).

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Vittima localizzata in: Switzerland
Sito web: https://tormax.com
Settore lavorativo: Manufacturing

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