Vittima: Ingeniería FULCRUM

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Descrizione: In 1988 FULCRUM was born, an engineering company with a global service vocation based in Bizkaia. Between 1988 and 2010 we took constant steps in our growth, with the jump to national and later international projects.Within our eagerness for full service and our innate curiosity, the activities and fields where we act increase every year. And to the solid foundation of civil engineering we add new horizons.In 2010 the construction crisis and the limitation of public works resources act as an incentive and we decided to reinvent ourselves by making new bets on internationalization and strengthening our capacities. Always in development. Today, FULCRUM continues with the same strength, enthusiasm and desire to learn as always, but supported by an immense baggage of completed projects and satisfied customers. We are committed to 100% quality service, commitment to our customers, our employees and the sustainable development of our society. We are committed to quality, sustainable development, occupational health and safety, non-discrimination and equal treatment, respect for legality and the ethical code.

Hash di rilevamento: c04b9c29a98ba6d0043b5c2119c6c1ea63c172e8ba8479a0bc9e04ce3a443a6d
Vittima localizzata in: Spain
Sito web: N/D
Settore lavorativo: Engineering consulting

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