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Descrizione: TackleWest is an independent fishing tackle business with two stores situated in Perth. At TackleWest, our goal is not to just sell you the correct fishing tackle, we aim to educate our customers on how to catch fish. We will show you the right equipment to purchase, how to use it and point you in the direction of catching some fish! Specialising in all forms of fishing, our staff are avid fisherman that have over 25 years of combined knowledge within the fishing tackle industry and real "on water" fishing experience. We absolutely live and breath fishing. Catering for the novice angler to the expert sport fisherman, we have what you need to get you on the water wetting a line! We have a real passion for lure fishing, when you come into our store you will see how vast our product range is. You will see all of your favourite products on our shelves but you will also see a large range of gear that is not seen at our competition. We only sell branded products, you will not see inferior home brand product in our stores for sale. Most of the products on our shelves we have personally used and are relevant to current fishing techniques. Pop in and explore our range, you will be impressed!

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Vittima localizzata in: Australia
Sito web: https://www.tacklewest.com.au/
Settore lavorativo: Shops

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