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Descrizione: Founded by CEO, Linc Coleman in 1973, U. L. Coleman Companies has grown to become a leading full-service real estate group providing diverse product expertise for commercial and multifamily residential products. In providing these services, we utilize a fully integrated approach; one that respects the environment and social and economic needs of communities. The growth of our companies has created employment opportunities for more than 150 team members in various departments and locations. Our approach combines professional planning, aesthetic appeal, and quality service. From land development and construction, to property management, U. L. Coleman Companies offer attractive, affordable working and living environments and sound investment opportunities. With its corporate headquarters located in Shreveport, Louisiana, U. L. Coleman Properties, LLC was the first commercial real estate company in North Louisiana to receive the Accredited Management Organization® (AMO®) designation. Our management portfolio includes over 2.7 million square feet of office buildings, shopping centers, industrial properties, mini-storage facilities and multifamily communities. Whether you are looking for the right office, retail, industrial environment, multifamily community for your lifestyle, or a professional, accredited organization to manage your real estate investments, U. L. Coleman Companies will exceed your expectations in providing successful solutions and long term results.

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