Vittima: FUTURA Fundamentsysteme was hacked

ID: 12134 rilevato il 30-11-2023 13:19:18 dal gruppo knight
Descrizione: ALL THE CRITICAL DOCUMENTS WERE STOLENAbout FUTURA FundamentsystemeHeadquarters: 29 Westring, Schuby, Schleswig-Holstein, 24850, GermanyPhone Number: +49 4621952030Website: www.futura-energiesparen.deFUTURA Fundamentsysteme has many critical vulnerabilities in their network. Due to the lack of protection in this company, its customers can be attacked at any time.We managed to steal all of the company's critical and sensitive data:- Engineering documents- Financial data- Personal data- Confidential customer data and NDA contracts.- Correspondence and internal business informationFUTURA Fundamentsysteme has 72 hours to protect the data from being leaked to the public and prevent this blog from being published on our platform.If FUTURA Fundamentsysteme ignores this message all data will be published, additional attacks will be made on FUTURA Fundamentsysteme's business and additional activities will be used to disrupt their business.

Hash di rilevamento: 6e609f416d89c7a04ff803c8c0d2949eea8b0003b0a98a0a0827cc3fec9b2a03
Vittima localizzata in: Germany
Sito web: N/D
Settore lavorativo: Construction

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