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Descrizione: Clatskanie People’s Utility District is here to serve you. Find out more about us by clicking on the links below. MISSION STATEMENT “Creating economic advantage for our communities by providing the best energy value for all of our customer-owners” VISION STATEMENT “Benefit our customers through innovation and adaptability” What is a People’s Utility District? A People’s Utility District (PUD) is a publicly owned utility formed pursuant to Chapter 261 of the Oregon Constitution. We provide electric service to customers located within and without of the District boundaries. People’s Utility Districts are formed or exist in areas where a majority of the public has sought local ownership and control of their utility and lower electric costs. A People’s Utility District can usually offer lower costs because its products and services are sold at cost-based rates, there is no profit added in. The District is overseen by a five member Board of Directors representing individual Districts and elected within the District they represent. The Board appoints a General Manager to be the Chief Executive Officer for the District.

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Sito web: https://www.clatskaniepud.com/
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