Vittima: Grace Lutheran Foundation

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Descrizione: Grace Lutheran Foundation Inc. is an organization who offers many areas of care for seniors including: Independent apartments for seniors, Assisted Living, Adult Day Services, Memory Care, Short -term Rehabilitation, Skilled Nursing and School aged childcare program. The Grace Lutheran Communities network had been breached recently by our organization. As a result over 70GB of data leaked from there. After a few weeks of negotiations Grace Lutheran Communities refused to protect data of its employees and patients/customers unfortunately. That is why these data is being shared right now to public for free.

Hash di rilevamento: ddf252fbdec81738d51d873ca8240ae780430b10adbabb36ed90382044a9ce94
Vittima localizzata in: USA
Sito web: https://www.graceluthfound.com/
Settore lavorativo: Services

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