Vittima: Max Wild GmbH

ID: 15256 rilevato il 07-05-2024 19:47:24 dal gruppo metaencryptor
Descrizione: Max Wild GmbH, based in Berkheim, has been responsible for the professional and sustainable implementation of numerous services in the field of construction, demolition, environment & recycling and logistics since 1955. As a family business, Max Wild offers its customers consistency and conversion strength combined with great regional connectivity. Customers receive innovative and tailor-made solutions for small and large projects and are supported with an individual service package from all divisions.

Hash di rilevamento: cd0a4022f4f77181007271ea6393bd58d8ebb109e5148b5c5bd4b7db9605bb92
Vittima localizzata in: Germany
Sito web: https://www.maxwild.com
Settore lavorativo: Construction

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