Vittima: Sichuan Dowell Science and Technology Company Inc

ID: 15580 rilevato il 24-05-2024 03:58:25 dal gruppo blacksuit
Descrizione: Sichuan Dawei Technology Co., Ltd (Sichuan Dowell Science and Technology Company Inc.) was established in November 2003. Its main business is the research, development, production and sales of leather chemicals. The products cover four categories: clean tanning materials, leather functional additives, finishing materials and colorants. The small class, with a production capacity of more than 200 kinds of products, was listed on the GEM in 2016 and is a leading enterprise in the domestic leather industry.

Hash di rilevamento: 5e12cac3d839850279cc3ce536ba6c5d896743556fb8659d0d24d5fccb90dc38
Vittima localizzata in: China
Sito web: http://www.dowellchem.cn/
Settore lavorativo: Heavy industries

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