Vittima: Osaka Motorcycle Business Cooperative

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Descrizione: Osaka Motorcycle Business CooperativeThe work of an auction for the sale of motorcycles.Group purchase of supplies for motorcycles.Motorcycle registration and registration business ETC.Mediation of a motorcycle loan.Management of the ZuttoRide ClubProcessing of the "Club AJ Card"Work related to the "Motorcycle Quality Evaluator"A business associated with an administrative agency for labor insurance.Conducting seminars on management and technology, as well as lectures on law, taxation and labor issues.Legal and labor diagnostics conducted by a consulting lawyer and a consultant on social insurance and labor.Work related to the welfare of union members.Transactions related to the mutual assistance system of group welfare.Publication of the motorcycle information magazine "Quarterly Report on Used Cars".The publication of the trade union newspaper "AJ Osaka Network Press".Rent trucks.Bicycle rental Business

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