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Descrizione: Local 1964, International Longshoremen’s Association, Industrial & Miscellaneous Workers, represents workers in various industries and professions, running the gamut from Ocean Shipping, Trucking & Warehousing Logistics, to Nurses Aides, Dialysis Technicians, Building Maintenance workers, Grocery Store and Laundry Workers. Chartered in 1970 the people of Local 1964 I.L.A. have fought hard to negotiate higher wages, good Health Benefits, Pensions, Vacations and Sick leave for its Union members for over 50 years. We have insisted that Employers maintain and deliver decent working conditions and schedules. Additionally, Local 1964 I.L.A. has gone to every length to protect its members and provide job security to every worker covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement. Local 1964 is one of the largest International Longshoremen’s Local Unions with Union Membership in States stretching from the East Coast to California and multiple other States throughout the country from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. Local 1964 I.L.A. belongs to The South Atlantic and Gulf Coast District, Atlantic Coast District and the Great Lakes District of the I.L.A. It is with your participation in mind that we have created this website. We hope that this tool helps you regarding frequently asked questions about your Union membership, organizing and benefits. The strength of any Union is its Members and the degree to which those Members participate. Local 1964 has always encouraged its members to participate in Union affairs.

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Sito web: local1964.org
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