Vittima: Panasonic Australia

ID: 15807 rilevato il 06-06-2024 16:16:17 dal gruppo akira
Descrizione: Panasonic Australia is a market leader in the field of consumer e lectronics, and B2B solutions. The reliability and reputation of Panasonic products has ensured that they are part of the everyday lives of many. Their cybersecurity was not very reliable so we a re going to share with you the files we took from them. Informati on about projects and confidential agreements, as well as many ot her data from this company with a sound name will soon be availab le for downloading.

Hash di rilevamento: d19ca4819fc1718712551f4234498de5d6992965d6631119a2ca813740201ac8
Vittima localizzata in: Australia
Sito web: N/D
Settore lavorativo: Technologies

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