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Descrizione: At Cadmet, when we look at our customers, we don’t see job titles. We see the people behind the titles. Our business is built on human connections and strong relationships. Building them. Growing them. Sustaining them. Never taking a single relationship for granted. Ever.We are pleased to say that our approach to business – and people – has paid off. 2017 marked our 30th Anniversary as one of the first Sony Medical Dealers in the nation. Today we are one of Sony Medical’s largest nationwide dealers, with a reputation for excellent service and fair prices. And we enjoy great recognition in the medical community through our decade-long participation at regional and national trade shows that support the following industry groups:AORN – Association of periOperative Registered NursesASCA – Ambulatory Surgery Center AssociationSGNA – Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and AssociatesBiomedical Engineering Societies

Hash di rilevamento: 18495afa8bfd4e46235106c19b2706697ed64beda4fa1f00fe495fad1991eaa0
Vittima localizzata in: USA
Sito web: https://cadmet.com/
Settore lavorativo: Technologies

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