Vittima: Medicalodges, Inc

ID: 7008 rilevato il 12-04-2023 13:21:58 dal gruppo karakurt
Descrizione: Founded in 1961, Medicalodges is a provider of healthcare services. Medicalodges goals is to serve, enhance and care for people. The company shared with us about 170 GB of their data. You can find there lots of personal information (typical for healthcare providers): SSNs, passports, addresses, salaries and much more. Financial and accounting information is also very rich and detailed: balances, budget, tax declarations, client deposits etc. Speaking about their clients, we have NDAs, DBs of their clients addresses, documents, diagnosis and other confidential information.Be ready to check this soon.

Hash di rilevamento: e9ba6d4afbe67b44eed777213a0efe6c1d30d291a7d810f24e7bc0be0d685a98
Vittima localizzata in: USA
Sito web: N/D
Settore lavorativo: Public Health


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