Vittima: Wynn-Reeth

ID: 7313 rilevato il 21-04-2023 15:04:58 dal gruppo karakurt

Descrizione: Wynn-Reeth provides services to the client which will help the individual meet daily living needs. They claim they can even help people manage their Social Security benefits and in the same time they helped their clients lose personal documents including passports and SSNs (and seem not to be worried much about that). We have about 30GBs of their corporate information and, as you understand, their clients personal and medical information. You will be able to check it soon by yourselves.

Hash di rilevamento: 91de0d952d94d359e509e394479e960d49923cee43a60f4a6b6100019c597eb7
Vittima localizzata in: USA

Sito web: N/D

Settore lavorativo: Human Services

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