Vittima: E4NET

ID: 7860 rilevato il 18-05-2023 14:37:14 dal gruppo alphv
Descrizione: E4NET is a total localization solutions provider specializing in Asian localization covering all major Asian languages and other regional tiers. We have 25+ years of successful experience delivering a variety of major projects for global customers, such as IBM, SAP, Oracle, LG Electronics, Epic Games, Panasonic, and more. E4NET specializes in IT and life science but covers other industries such as patents, travel, fashion, games, finances, government, and automobiles. In addition, we are continuously developing and applying innovative, leading-edge technology such as MT throughout our production process, as well as providing associated services to maximize production/service efficiency.

Hash di rilevamento: d06b277fd49978c6a4ce7ad3635ebd44679a80e103aff557fe399000510c0a65
Vittima localizzata in: Korea
Sito web: www.e4net.net
Settore lavorativo: Services

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