Vittima: PESSI

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Descrizione: PESSI is committed to provide services and benefits to workers and their dependents in close partnership with the employers. By bringing transparency and ensuring fairness to its business processes, PESSI's noble task of providing comprehensive medical coverage and a number of cash benefits to its secured clientele comprising of downtrodden workers and their dependents including parents is expected to significantly enhance the coverage and scope of its services. PESSI is indeed a partner in enhancing productivity of businesses by providing security and peace of mind to workers. May Allah give us strength to standby our commitments.

Hash di rilevamento: eeba03776918599c22ab4f093180d306889d7f28efab250a99e43b4f7d51aaf1
Vittima localizzata in: Italy
Sito web: N/D
Settore lavorativo: Insurance services

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