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Descrizione: Deutsche Leasing - your partner for asset finance and leasing. Whether you need a new company car – with or without fleet management –, are looking for help in expanding abroad, require machinery with the right insurance, a building with construction management or have a whole IT project to deal with, we can help you! As the asset finance partner of small and medium-sized businesses, we can offer you investment solutions that are right for you. Take advantage of our intelligent services for movable capital assets and property. And give yourself room for your core business. No matter which industry you are at home in: as a company from Germany, Austria or Switzerland with financing needs abroad, you can rely on Deutsche Leasing as an experienced, well-connected partner with expertise in 24 countries. Benefit from individual financing solutions and a German-speaking German Desk in the country of your financing needs. Personal, competent and reliable.SITE: www.deutsche-leasing.com Address Frölingstraße 15 - 31 61352 Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe Germany

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