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Dettaglio cyber gang

Profilo gang by OSINT sources: [source: 0]

"Black Basta" is a new ransomware strain discovered during April 2022 - looks in dev since at least early February 2022 - and due to their ability to quickly amass new victims and the style of their negotiations, this is likely not a new operation but rather a rebrand of a previous top-tier ransomware gang that brought along their affiliates.

Alerts: Solve a scrapping issue on 2023-03-08

N. rivendicazioni 2024 2023 2022
470 135 176 159
Fonte onionUltimo titoloStatusUltimo scrapeVersione Tor
stniiomyjliimcgkvdszvgen3eaaoz55hreqqx6o77yvmpwt7gklffqd.onion Black Basta Blog 🟢 22-07-2024 3
aazsbsgya565vlu2c6bzy6yfiebkcbtvvcytvolt33s77xypi7nypxyd.onion Chat Black Basta 🔴 17-09-2023 3
bastad5huzwkepdixedg2gekg7jk22ato24zyllp6lnjx7wdtyctgvyd.onion Chat Black Basta 🟢 22-07-2024 3
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