Vittima: HAFFNER GmbH Co.

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Descrizione: As a leading expert for the marketing and distribution of acids/lyes, solvents as well as speciality chemicals we function with our own Network in all of Europe. Through our comprehensive services – reaching from storing, filling/bottling up and transporting to mixing and recycling chemicals. Furthermore we offer the qualified application consultancy services via our own field sales force – our 20.000 customers can purchase over 3,000 products as well as rely on many years of industry know-how and innovative solutions from one source.SITE: hugohaeffner.com Address Friedrichstr. 3 D-71679 Asperg GERMANY

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Vittima localizzata in: Germany
Sito web: N/D
Settore lavorativo: Heavy industries

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11600 - hugohaeffner.com

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