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Descrizione: Arena Products is a leading packaging, design and pooling company in North America. With 30 years of experience, we provide a full spectrum of services for the design and development of customized reusable transport packaging systems. Solutions focused and results driven, Arena Products is a company that is differentiated from the rest. Every day, we help our customers cut waste and improve their bottom line by designing, testing, building and pooling custom, reusable transport systems. With our unique approach to cooperative development, Arena Products understands all aspects in the design, development and implementation of reusable transport packaging systems. Through integrated design and engineering to materials and fabrication, we are able to focus on improving efficiency and packaging sustainability, while adding measurable ROI for all involved. An integral part of what we do is providing asset management and logistics infrastructure for every product offering, which range from rugged, space-saving containers to new pallet designs. Combined with our proven track record of innovation, this capability keeps us at the forefront of an industry that requires speed and ingenuity at every level.SITE: www.arenaproducts.com Address : 100 Metro Park Rochester, NY 14623 | (844) 762-0127FULL DATA SIZE: 413gb 1. HR 2. Finance 3. Accounting 4. Confidentiality 5. Customer Files 6. Users data: personal users file(employee forms, SSN, DL employee data and etc)

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