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Descrizione: AGY is a world leader in high performance materials used in a range of markets including Electronics, Thermoplastics, Industrial, Aerospace, Recreation / Consumer and Defense with a focus on making our customers’ products lighter, faster and stronger. High performance materials in the form of glass fiber yarns and reinforcements provide our customers with six vital enhanced properties: strength, impact resistance, stiffness, temperature resistance, fatigue resistance and radar transparency. With a product portfolio developed for extreme performance utilizing a set of unique manufacturing platforms AGY provides tailored materials solutions to end-use customers for the most demanding applications worldwide.SITE: www.agy.com Address : 2556 Wagener Road Aiken, South Carolina, USA 29801ALL DATA SIZE: 403gb 1. Human Resources 2. Finance 3. Engineering 4. Science & Technology 5. Departmental data 6. Home users data files 7. Drawings 8. Incident reports and etc.

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