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Descrizione: Peco Foods hopes you’ll pick up their poultry. Producing some 24 million pounds of poultry each week, the company processes private-label and store-brand chicken for US retail and foodservice customers. Peco Foods also exports items to Canada, Mexico, South America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. The processing company’s frozen, deli, and tray-pack products include boneless, skinless chicken breasts and tenderloins; boneless thighs; and jumbo legs and wings; as well as value-added breaded and flavored products. As a fully integrated processor, Peco Foods operates feed mills and hatcheries in three US states to support its poultry production facilities. Peco Foods is owned and operated by the founding Hickman family.SITE: www.pecofoods.com Address : 1101 Greensboro Ave Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401, United StatesALL DATA SIZE: 510gb 1. Users personal documents 2. Human Resources 3. Accounting 4. Scans and etc…

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