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Descrizione: The most innovative corporations in the world entrust The Webb Law Firm to safeguard their Intellectual Property. Focused on all aspects of Intellectual Property law since 1845, we have grown progressively and now offer over 50 attorneys to service our clients’ needs. Our clients range from large global businesses to emerging companies. Every major industry and technical discipline is represented in our client base and reflected in the capabilities of our dual-degreed attorneys. We are known for delivering high quality Intellectual Property legal solutions that fit our clients’ needs ranging from individual projects to full-service IP legal services. Our attorneys work in all aspects of technology, including steel, glass, medical devices, advanced manufacturing, life sciences, and information technology. Attorneys at The Webb Law Firm are registered to practice before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and have degrees in both the law and the sciences, plus many have extensive experience in the industries in which our clients operate.

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