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Descrizione: Asecos take great pride in assisting to create new safety standards and ultimately reducing the number and severity of accidents, through the use of approved asecos products. The best possible protection of humankind and the environment is our number one priority. Driven by this desire, we developed the first cabinet with a certified 90-minute fire resistance for the storage of flammable liquids in 1994. What was a technical revolution in the industry at that time has now become the technical standard across Europe and is gaining more and more acceptance overseas. Meeting minimum legal requirements, which were often set many years ago, is just not good enough for us. Our mission is to raise awareness globally and to develop storage solutions that are fit for the challenges of 21st century workspaces.SITE: www.asecos.com Address : asecos GmbH Safety and environmental Protection Weiherfeldsiedlung 16-18 63584 Gründau / Germany Phone: +49 6051 9220-0ALL DATA SIZE: 810gb 1. Allgemein data 2. Buchhaltung 3. Controlling 4. Personal 5. Home users folers, documents and etc…

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