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Descrizione: IGF services a variety of food industry businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Midwest United States via all-temperature trucks. Our customers include restaurants, gourmet markets, clubs, caterers, bakeries, breweries, wineries, and hotels. With low order minimums, late order cut offs, and knowledgeable service, IGF makes customers its top priority. Established in 1987, International Gourmet Foods leads in wholesale distribution of gourmet specialty food products, providing high quality, innovative items from around the world. In addition, IGF carries a vast selection of expertly sourced commodity items with excellent value. IGF was founded by Maurizio DiBenigno in 1987. A life-long passion for quality products, fine tasting foods, and a wealth of experience in the food service industry inspired the principles on which Maurizio has built this company. His commitment to the needs and desires of his clients and his determination to source products of quality and value built the reputation of IGF as one of the premier gourmet food import and distribution companies in the industry. From its conception, IGF was and still is a family-owned and operated business founded on solid values and guiding principles that we continue to grow and develop. In December of 2019, Christine DiBenigno became president of IGF after 19 years of experience in the company. She and Maurizio continue to expand the company vision of not only quality food and excellent service, but also growing and enriching a diverse employee base. On March 29, 2021, IGF broke ground on a new state-of-the-art facility in Woodbridge, Virginia. This new central headquarters is scheduled to open in 2022.SITE: www.igf-inc.com Address : 7520 Fullerton Rd. Springfield, VA, 22153 Unated StatesALL DATA SIZE: ~155gb 1. Personal employees documents 2. HR 3. Financial Tax Payroll data and etc…

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