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Descrizione: Flynn was founded in 1978 in Winnipeg, Canada. In our early years, Flynn’s focus was on commercial roofing contracting. We established a reputation across Canada as a top-notch commercial roofing contractor. As architectural products became increasingly complex over the years, we recognized that the best way to serve our clients was by providing them with products and services for the entire building envelope. We branched out to provide a range of architectural products and roofing services, including metal paneling, contract glazing and curtain wall. Today, Flynn employs over 6000 people and serves a diverse portfolio of clients across North America, for the entire building envelope.SITE: www.flynncompanies.com Address : 6435 Northwest Dr Mississauga, ON L4V 1K2 CanadaALL DATA SIZE: ~4.0tb 1. Private (Personal users confidential folders and documents) 2. Company data & etc…

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