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Descrizione: The Vili’s story of success from humble beginnings to an iconic South Australian business is one that tugs on the heart strings. Vili’s father arrived in Adelaide in 1956, escaping the Hungarian revolution, all his belongings in one old suitcase tied together with a belt. Survival was paramount, education was unnecessary. Both Vili’s parents had been chefs in Hungary, so creating food was already a seed that had taken hold and was starting to grow. As soon as Vili was old enough, he went to work at a local bakery at the ripe age of 14 to help support his family. With hard work, commitment and passion, Vili and Rosemary, life and business partners, established a business that was to eventually become one of South Australia’s great success stories, distributing nationally and exporting to 24 countries globally.SITE: www.vilis.com Address : 2-14 Manchester Street, Mile End South, South Australia, 5031ALL DATA SIZE: ~350gb 1. Personal documents and infos employees 2. Financial data 3. Incident reports 4. Employees folders, files and etc…

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