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Descrizione: Amerlux, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Electronics, has been a catalyst for change in the lighting industry since 1984—simply by listening to the marketplace. We don’t keep up with industry trends. We set them. We believe lighting is as much about “feeling” as it is about “seeing.” Our solutions deliver the five elements that exceed today’s expectations: rich color, next-level comfort, total control, easy configurability and “capture” to provide added security. We believe in building long-term relations with all our stakeholders, including architects, lighting designers, facility managers and contractors. We understand your goals and problems, then rise to the challenge by offering an array of the most magnificent, top-end lighting solutions in the world—backed by iron-clad guarantees, breathtaking savings and unparalleled service—at a cost-effective price. Our award-winning portfolio includes innovative interior and exterior lighting products that deliver striking aesthetics, unmatched rendering and superior performance through advanced engineering and connectivity.SITE: www.amerlux.com Address : 178 Bauer Drive Oakland, NJ 07436 USAALL DATA SIZE: ~790gb 1. Company data 2. Drawings & Engeneering 3. Users personal folders and docs & etc…

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