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Descrizione: Akdeniz Chemson is a prominent company specializing in the production of polymer additives, particularly PVC stabilizers. With a rich history dating back to 1942, the company has evolved into a global leader in the plastics industry, offering a wide range of industrial chemicals and additives. Akdeniz Chemson is known for its innovative solutions, wide distribution network, and commitment to sustainability. The company provides creative solutions to various sectors by supplying high-quality PVC stabilizers and other polymer additives, catering to diverse applications in industries like construction, automotive, and more. Additionally, Akdeniz Chemson offers expertise in areas such as material selection, impact modifiers, processing aids, and heat stabilizers, contributing significantly to the enhancement of product performance and durability in PVC applications.SITE: www.akdenizchemson.com Address : Unit 3, 2 Capicure Drive Eastern Creek NSW 2766 Australia ALL DATA SIZE: ≈500gb 1. Corporate data 2. Personal users data 3. Financial, HR, Departments & etc…

Hash di rilevamento: 32e449fb5d6ae4b69db547cb6c3791c1e1f966237a64232be7dc434a1725fac3
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Settore lavorativo: Pharmacy and drugs manufacturing

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