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Descrizione: SMT is people-focused and we try to meet the needs of our clients and staff and contribute to a better world. The attorneys and staff at SMT are dedicated to improving our community and supporting the organizations that enrich our lives and help those in need.Our law firm has grown to 24 attorneys plus support staff dedicated to providing personalized and responsive client service. From start to finish, we believe in being people-focused and making sure that each client feels listened to and valued. We want our clients to have confidence that any problem given to us will be handled with efficiency and the utmost consideration.It’s very important to us to support and give back to the community. As a firm and as individuals, we serve on boards, volunteer our time, contribute our money, and share our knowledge. We have the ability to help, and this support comes back in the form of an enhanced community. SMT attorneys and staff are involved with many different organizations that touch the community in many ways. Click on the tabs to the right to see lists of some of the organizations we are involved in. Our staff members receive one day off each year to volunteer for a nonprofit organization.SITE:

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