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Descrizione: Potandon’s senior leadership team had envisioned a day when the company could give back to the state and communities in which we live that have provided so much. Potandon Produce is surrounded by community organizations and members who make our area such a great place to live, work and raise a family. In March of 2012, those visions of giving back came to fruition with the establishment of the Potandon Foundation. Housed through the Idaho Community Foundation, the Potandon Foundation contributes to organizations throughout our area that regularly and selflessly give back to those in need. The primary focus of the Potandon Foundation is to support programs, organizations and not for profits serving children and families in crisis. Since its launch, the foundation has donated over $75,000 to local organizations who exemplify serving the community members of Idaho.SITE: https://www.potandon.com Address 1210 Pier View DriveIdaho FallsID 83402

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Settore lavorativo: Agriculture and agribusiness

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