Vittima: Sandals Resorts International

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Descrizione: Since 1981, Sandals Resorts International has been leading the Caribbean all-inclusive industry by offering guests more amenities, more luxury, more innovations, and more choices than any other beach resort. Our properties are located on some of the most sought-after stretches of sand in the world, including Jamaica, the Bahamas, Saint Lucia, Grenada, Barbados, Antigua, Curacao, and Turks & Caicos. From the most romantic couples-only getaways to fun-filled vacations for the whole family, our family of all-inclusive resorts share the same vision – an unwavering commitment to excellence and a promise to exceed expectations.SITE: https://www.sandals.com Address Kent Ave, Montego BaySaint James, Jamaica

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Vittima localizzata in: USA
Sito web: N/D
Settore lavorativo: Luxury

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