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Descrizione: ATC DrivetrainHeadquarters: 9901 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73127, United StatesPhone Number: (405) 577-9901Website: www.atcdrivetrain.comRevenue: $296MATC Drivetrain is the remanufacturer of choice for an international “who’s who” of blue-chip automakers. We are the largest independent Original Equipment Supplier (OES) transmission remanufacturer in the world with an ever-growing capacity of over 1 million square feet of factory and warehouse floor space.We utilize a unique combination of progressive engineering and state of the art equipment to produce “like new” products such as transmissions and engines. Our efforts reduce both the amount of waste material and the expense of warranty fulfillment, resulting in elevated environmental standards, higher profits for our customers, and lower cost for consumers.Today, under the leadership of President and CEO, Greg Heald, the company is as active as it has ever been in the areas of growth, quality, technological advancements, and environmental considerations.In August 2021, ATC acquired the UK’s leading heavy commercial drivetrain remanufacturer, HL Smith Transmissions.With the acquisition of HL Smith, ATC is now able to provide remanufacturing services for the broadest applications in the industry, from the smallest passenger vehicles up to heavy commercial and military vehicles.

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