Vittima: The Norfolk Capital Group

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Descrizione: The Norfolk Capital Group was founded over 30 years ago, having previously been known as Central Trust, Norfolk Capital is the vehicle through which Andrew and Sharon Turner invest in a number of companies operating in the financial services sector, providing solutions to consumers and SMEs.Companies in the portfolio have been providing a broad range of loans and other financial products to their clients since 1988.The investments of Norfolk Capital are managed through a small team based in Norwich. That team also provides specialist support services to members of the Norfolk Capital Group on an on-going or ad hoc basis. Such services include the securing of wholesale funding.Investment opportunities are judged against a number of criteria designed to ensure that Norfolk Capital’s investments meet its risk appetite and result in a portfolio providing a spread of risk in areas of business in respect of which the management team has relevant knowledge and experience.SITE: https://www.norfolkcapital.co.uk Address Norfolk Capital Group25-27 Surrey StreetNorwich, NR1 3NXTel: 01603 896 896

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