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Descrizione: NOVATIWe’re experts in delivering solutions that challenge, innovate and create a better way of working, which is why we’re committed to investing in innovation at every level of our operation so that we can bring fresh ideas and technological advancement to you. The ability to review data to establish best practice is a critical tool utilised by our Corporate Innovation Consultants and Sustainability Managers.Best practice often exists with a business but isn’t shared; our ability to identify and share these solutions can significantly impact overall recycling levels. Our experience and knowledge of your sector means that we can identify best practice taking place outside of your business, which gives you the ability to assess your environmental credentials against those of your peers.SITE:

Questo script colleziona ogni rivendicazione criminale esattamente come esposta dalle fonti (modello "As Is"), in un database SQL per creare un feed permanente, che può anche essere seguito con tecnologia RSS.
Il motore è basato sul progetto ransomFeed, fork in GitHub.